Miladys knew this coin would come.
LADYS may not be the meme coin Miladys want, but LADYS is the meme coin Miladys need in these times of unbridled memetic power.
You like the art, we make the coin.
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You can claim $LADYS now!

A total of 8,880,008,880,008.88 (1% total supply) $LADYS tokens are now available to be claimed by holders of Milady NFT and 5,000 Community Members.

$LADYS tokens that have not been claimed within 30 days will be burned. 2023.06.01 09:00 (UTC+0) - 2023.06.31 09:00 (UTC+0)


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Welcome to LADYS, the meme coin of Milady NFT collection. LADYS is the tokenisation of the fully memetically optimized white pill.
LADYS is not another meme coin. LADYS is a self-organised meme coin. LADYS is the drip currency. LADYS is the points for karma, charm and beauty. LADYS is the accumulation of clout.
Milady meme coin is LADYS, and LADYS is the meme coin for Milady.
lady NFT
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